Why Liberty Capital?



Liberty Capital is dedicated to developing lasting relationships with all of our clients.  In fact, some of our client relationships were forged over 20 years ago.  We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of integrity and professionalism in our relationship with you, our client.  Most importantly, we get to know our customers personally.  Relationships can take years to build, and since it is impossible to form a lasting relationship via emails or phone calls, we believe in visiting our customers and prospects regularly, throughout the year, whether these visits are in an office setting, over dinner, or at our clients' favorite teams' sporting events.  Let's get to know each other!          


Strategic Resource

We endeavor to know and understand your institution's financial situation and provide you with only the highest quality information, services, and products to help you reach your goals.  We want to be a "value-add" for our customers, not a pesky sales-oriented vendor... think of Liberty Capital more as an extension of your back office.  We are not interested in simply getting the next trade done, or bringing on the next client.  Instead we want to be a strategic resource for your institution regardless of your institution's size or trading volume. Our approach is designed to serve you and do what is best for your institution; it isn't about us!  We cover you how you want to be covered. 



Our partnerships/ affiliations with independent brokerage and advisory firms such as Summit and Cetera, have many advantages over the traditional broker-dealer/ advisory model, some of which we explore on this site.  This independent platform means that we are not held to any sales quotas by a sales manager, who knows nothing about your needs.  It also means that we are not tied to selling our firm's proprietary products whether they fit your balance sheet needs or not.  Additionally, we are not siloed into one role (and we all know silos create inefficiencies) – our clients can use us how they need to, whether that's in a brokerage/ trading capacity, a strategies/ research capacity, or as a portfolio manager/ consultant.  Most important, we have the LIBERTY to offer objective advice and recommend financial solutions that best suit your institution's needs, ensuring your objectives are what drive all decisions.  Despite being independent, Liberty Capital is also given the regulatory supervision, guidance, and training needed to ensure we are current on all regulatory changes and requirements—oversight that provides an added layer of protection for you.


Experience Versus Sales

We believe in being an experienced provider of financial services to help you assess your institution's goals in the context of the overall balance sheet.  Our Managing Partner, Brian Bennett, has been working with banks, credit unions, thrifts, insurance companies, money managers and municipalities, for over 22 years.  There are many vendors who have rookies cold-calling these same institutional client types.  You will not get that with our firm.  One of the benefits of working with us is our experienced ability to provide clear, easily understood explanations of financial products and services and not only explain, but also illustrate, how each investment strategy meets your institution's needs. 


A Custom and Consultative Approach

Every institution is different so we personalize and tailor our programs for your needs as we work together toward a more secure financial and regulatory future for your institution, understanding the challenges of managing capital, liquidity and earnings.  We understand that bonds are a commodity and you can purchase investment securities anywhere, so we have a consultative approach to sales and trading, versus peddaling the "bond of the day," and instead of focusing on creating to distribute.  Additionally, on the portfolio advisory side, a cookie cutter approach simply doesn't cut it.  Every plan is customized to suit your institution's needs.


Execution and Customer Service

The execution, pricing and customer service you get from our firm, through our strategic afilliations and partnerships with leading financial institutions and trading operations, is truly second to none.  Regardless of investment portfolio size. trading volume or security transaction size, we can efficiently accommodate most any transaction.  Our largest clients' portfolios are in excess of $1 Billion and our smallest customers have an investment securities portfolio of less than $10 million.  Whether your institution is large or small, you get stellar execution and superior one-on-one customer service here!  We would love to hear from you and show you how efficiently we operate.  We believe you will be pleasantly surprised.


We Care About Our Customers' Communities

Many of our clients are community-based organizations and care deeply about the communities in which they serve.  Liberty Capital Group regularly supports various charities and community-needs based events important to our customers.  We care about our clients and their communities and want to help when we can!