Our Services


Client Relationships:

  • Broker-Dealer (Trading/ Sales/ Strategies)
  • Full-service Fee-Based Portfolio Management/ Advisory
  • Fee-Based Consultative Relationship
  • Investment Portfolio Training Programs for Newer Portfolio Managers, Boards, and/or ALCOs.

Traditional Brokerage Services Offered:

  • A "3-legged stool" Approach  - Sales, Trading and Portfolio Strategies
  • Excellent Trade Execution and Pricing Across Product Sectors
  • Portfolio Analysis With Executive Summary
  • Strategic Investment Plans
  • Pre-Purchase Analytics (on Individual Securities)
  • Pre-Purchase Analytics (overall Portfolio): Complete Before & After Analysis +/- 300bps
  • Other Services Available Upon Request

Advisory/ Consultative (Fee-Based) Services Offered: 

  • Negotiable and Customizable Contracts
  • Discretionary or Non-Discretionary
  • Same Great Trade Execution but No Added Commissions for Fee-Based Portfolio Advisory Clients
  • Investment Plan Development, Review and Monitoring
  • Regular On-site Board/ ALCO/ Management Meetings and Conference Calls
  • Comprehensive Pre-Purchase Analytics and Purchase Rationale Documentation
  • Balance Sheet Consultation
  • Independent Review of Other B/D Offerings
  • 3rd Party Investment Portfolio Pricing
  • Custom Reports for Board/ ALCO Preparation
  • Annual Policy Reviews
  • Market Commentary and Analysis
  • Interest Rate Forecasts
  • ... and Much More Upon Request

Ancillary Services Through Strategic Alliances/ 3rd Party Providers:

  • 3rd Party Asset-Liability Management/ IRR Reports
  • 3rd Party Bond Accounting Reports
  • CDARs
  • Brokered CD Issuance
  • Retail/ Private Wealth Management Solutions for Banks and Credit Union Clients (Referrals)
  • Correpsondent Banking Services Referrals
  • Enterprise Risk Management Solutions
  • Whole Loan Purchase and Sales

Please see our Contact Us page and drop us a line if you have any questions or would like more information about our firm or the range of financial products and services we provide.  Whether your institution is looking for traditional broker-dealer coverage, a full-service fee-based portfolio management/ advisory relationship or part-time portfolio consulting, Liberty Capital is here to help.  We look forward to discussing your investment portfolio needs!