Portfolio & Pre-Purchase Analysis

Whether we serve your institution as your Broker-Dealer representative or on the Portfolio Advisory front, Liberty Capital is committed to understanding your institution's big picture needs.  Being capable of drilling down into an individual investment and the overall investment portfolio prior to execution is paramount, and we believe our portfolio analytics and pre-purchase analytics packages are second to none.  How does an individual investment security respond to interest rate changes?  What about due diligence and surveillance on municipal and corporate securities?  Does a particular investment strategy match your objectives?  How does an investment security addition or subtraction, a bond swap, or a leverage strategy, impact the investment portfolio's yield, duration, cash flow profile, or other key metrics +/300 bps?  For depositories, how does a strategy impact your capital?  We provide this detailed information and more for our customers so they can be confident in any portfolio strategy, prior to implementation.  See some excerpts of our portfolio analytics and individual analytics pages below.  For a complimentary portfolio analytics packet, please contact us at 901-651-6893: